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Unibap develops 5G ready demonstrator for smart factories

Unibap AB (publ.) has agreed with Intel Corporation to jointly develop a 5G ready demonstrator during 1H of 2019 to showcase technology and abilities to the future's smart factories. The demonstration will first be displayed at Intel's '5G & IOT innovation center' in Stockholm and later internationally at fairs and exhibitions. Initially, a first demo of Unibap's Intelligent and Flexible Automation is covered. The collaboration also intends to expand the demonstrator in the future with additional capabilities, including Unibap's Automated Quality Assurance and Enhanced / Virtual reality including connections to industrial clouds

The demonstrator is jointly developed and financed to equal parts by Intel and Unibap. Unibap provides an industrial robot equipped with an IVS system, labor hours and software modules from the company's portfolio for applications of innovative automation solutions to smart factories.

Future automation will largely use streaming 3D video, automated quality control and intelligent flexible robotics requiring distributed functionality with high local reliability and additional processing services in the cloud.
The demonstrator system is based on Unibap's IVS-70 applied on a Universal Robots industrial robot with 5G-ready connectivity to large computing clusters and Unibap's interface for programming-free intelligent robot control. The demonstrator is also being prepared for automated quality assurance, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology.
Unibap will collaborate with its partners for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Cloud Services demonstrating Unibap's business model in its entirety.

In addition to business opportunities in smart factories, other major growth areas and innovative applications such as remote surgery can be demonstrated. Unibap can also display links to production systems (MES) and other important plant services.

- Smart factories require guaranteed availability, which places high demands on distributed artificial intelligence distributed between the production line, the manufacturing site and the cloud globally. Unibap is very strategically positioned with strong partners we communicated, and with a demonstration facility like this, Unibap and Intel can show a complete solution for the entire plant and at the corporate level, says Dr. Fredrik Bruhn, CEO of Unibap

Uppsala 2019-02-08

For more information, contact:

Dr. Fredrik Bruhn
+46 707 83 32 15

About Unibap
The company is a modern IT company at the forefront of integration of AI solutions and robotics. Unibap digitizes industry's production and manufacturing by giving blind robots vision in combination with human abilities for quality and automation. The background to Unibap is experience from many years of space exploration, of manufacturing rugged industrial computer solutions and robotics solutions.

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