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Unibap has entered into an agreement with ABB to join partner network for robots

Unibap AB (publ.) has been granted access to ABB's partner network for robots with the ability to become an Authorized Value Provider. The agreement is valid from December 2018.

The cooperation agreement enables deeper cooperation with ABB as a Value Provider and ABB's licensed system integrators for robot automation. Unibap's products and solutions for smart plants with Intelligent Vision System (IVS) for automated quality control and programming-free automation are areas that strengthens' the overall value and flexibility of industrial automation. The cooperation agreement follows previously communicated validation of Unibap's solutions to control ABB robots without programming carried out with Robotdalen and at Unibap's internal robotics laboratory in Västerås, Sweden.

Unibap offer robot suppliers a complement for digitizing smart plants with increased productivity and efficiency using solutions based on Deep Learning. Unibap's independent and easy-to-use solutions for, among other things, automatic quality service that, in combination with industrial robots, can inspect most sides and surfaces of objects. The industrial robot can display the object from different angles like a human operator inspecting an article and therefore increased robotization in smart factories drives a market trend to deploy more industrial robots. Unibap also works with robot guidance, which is an interesting technique that can generate new solutions for applications in industrial flexible automation, in addition Unibap's solutions can be integrated into major industrial cloud services.

The cooperation agreement also means that Unibap get access to ABB's Technical Partner Portal and access to ABB's E-learning programs.

"The cooperation agreement is very positive for Unibap because it enables us to pursue in-depth collaborations with wide applications in, for example, automated quality control in conjunction with industrial robot operations. Our offerings can be added to ABB's existing systems as well as new installations, making it very attractive for us to collaborate on a long-term basis", says Dr. Fredrik Bruhn, CEO of Unibap.

"We are really looking forward to enter into this cooperation with Unibap. Quality control is a very exciting area which is right in time and in which several of our partners have already shown great interest in. With Unibap's solution we will jointly create new business opportunities", says Susanne Timsjö, Sales Manager for Robotics at ABB Sweden.

Uppsala 2019-01-21

For more information, contact:

Dr. Fredrik Bruhn


+46 70 7833215

About Unibap

The company is a modern IT company at the forefront of integration of AI solutions and robotics. Unibap digitizes industry's production and manufacturing by giving blind robots vision in combination with human abilities for quality and automation. The background to Unibap is experience from many years of space exploration, of manufacturing rugged industrial computer solutions and robotics solutions.

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