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Unibap Intelligent Automation for Smart Plants

Unibap is now able to demonstrate advanced Assembly technology for a large set of applications for almost any major industrial robot provider with 100% programming free operation. Given that many manufacturers have a wide range of products and a greater need for Low Volume, High Mix automation, it is becoming increasingly important to offer rapid reconfiguration and combining object identification, quality control, grasping and assembly. Operational flexibility is now reality and demonstrated in a published video. The solution is generic and Unibap has previously verified interoperability with robots from ABB, FANUC, KUKA, Universal Robots, and Yaskawa. 

Unibap has an ambitious business plan to bring small and large factories into the era of Smart Factories and Plants. This vision is enabled through technology investments and highly skilled Talents combining artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and jigless Zero programming (100% programming free operation) to meet current and future needs for increased manufacturing flexibility and quality.

Unibap will commercialize and offer Intelligent Automation as a Service (IAaaS) through subscription-based access to advanced Deep Delphi™ AI powered services, including modules for assembly, automatic quality reporting, and collaborative manufacturing. IAaaS customers can select industrial robots from different vendors to optimize the operational output.

The video shows Unibap's Intelligent Vision System (IVS) products and Deep Delphi™ software platform preparing assembly of a Schunk robot gripper which today is assembled manually like many other complex products. The video demonstrates the flexibility offered by Unibap's Intelligent Automation solutions for Assembly, including jigless Zero programming (100% programming free operation), autonomous object identification, real-time path planning, quality and dimension control, grasping, and information transfer to co- working robots to perform additional tasks in the production flow. The demonstration is performed using a Yaskawa industrial robot doing assembly of industrial robot grippers of a series with 5 different sizes.

Link to video:

- I am very proud to be able to demonstrate how our communicated vision and previous technology advances are coming together to form this offer for flexible and scalable automation with combinations of advanced quality assurance, assembly and other features with a vendor independent solution that meets the needs of future Smart Plants. We already see a rapidly ramping interest in combinations of flexible automation and autonomous quality assurance, says Unibap CEO Dr. Fredrik Bruhn.

Uppsala, 2018-07-26

For more information, contact:

Dr. Fredrik Bruhn
[email protected]
+46 707 83 32 15

About Unibap

The company is a modern IT company at the forefront of integration of AI solutions and robotics. Unibap digitizes industry's production and manufacturing by giving blind robots vision in combination with human abilities for quality and automation. The background to Unibap is experience from many years of space exploration, of manufacturing rugged industrial computer solutions and robotics solutions.

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